Friday, July 24, 2015

Shop work

Well well well, I finally caved.  It's been taking me so long to find time to work on my DJ5 I decided to just toss it at a local customs shop for some work to be done.  I'd like to get this thing back out on the road soon.  I'm actually considering driving it as a daily driver since I just sold my Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.  I have my wife's old minivan that I could drive, but... ya know... I'm just not a minivan kinda dude.  I'd actually rather drive a 46-year-old, no frills postal Jeep than an 07 Chrysler Town & Country.  Call me strange...but I guess I'll for sure earn my "man card" with this one.

So here's what it's getting done to it once I had the shop take a look at my DJ and review short-term goals:
  • "New" Transmission- So the original Powerglide that it came with (actually, I have no idea if it's the original one, but it is what came with the Jeep for that year) was pretty much shot.  I pulled the DJ out of my garage, started it up, and I couldn't get it to go into any gear.  Not even reverse.  It was leaking a bit, but I replaced the fluid it leaked out over the winter so it should've had plenty in there...but still wouldn't work. The shop wanted to convince me to upgrade to a Chevy Turbo 350 trans, which I really want to do actually, but they quoted me somewhere north of about $2500 to do the swap because of all the custom fab work I'd need done with a new cross-member, new driveshaft, and other stuff.  No way I want to drop that kind of cash into this DJ right now...I got lucky though. One of the mechanics had an extra Powerglide from a 67 Corvair that was converted to a manual 5-speed trans.  He sold it to me for $300 "outside of the shop" and we're going to swap that into my DJ.  It's super clean and shifted just fine when it was in the Corvair.
  • New Kingpins- the front axle had quite a bit of play in the tires.  Shop suggested a kingpin replacement to tighten things up in the front a bit.  Sounds like they found an exact set of replacement parts and they can do the work with a hydraulic press they have.
  • Finish Front Seats - I'm having them finish up my front seat project.  They're going to mount the Ford Ranger seats, get some seatbelts hooked up, and also relocate the existing transmission shifter to account for the placement of the front seats.  Sounds like they're also going to fab up some support braces for the mounting brackets I made for the passenger side to strengthen it up a bit.
  • New ignition - I broke a key in the ignition and the only other key I had doesn't fit it properly, so I'm having them put a new one in.  Nothing fancy, just something that works.
  • Plugs, wires, vacuum advance - just some of the basics of the ignition system.  They said the distributor/points looked good and didn't need to be replaced.
  • Carb clean/tune- Just some basic tuning to get the carb working right with everything else.  No rebuild or anything.
I'll update more once I get it back.  Should be fully in running and driving condition after this all.  I still don't know what this is going to cost...hopefully it's not an insane amount. How about some pics!