Monday, April 20, 2015


How about some new pics of the newly coated interior?  I just finished putting on the 3rd coat (yes 3... I had extra so I figured why not use it) of Herculiner truck bed coating.  I've owned a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor for 4 years now and I really like having the rubberized floor in that car. No need to have floor mats or clean any carpets.  So, I wanted to do the same with the Jeep.  Have something tough, easy to maintain, and something that looked good on a Jeep.

Took me months of prep work to clean up all the holes, fix flaws, and try to recover as much of the rusted sheet metal as I could.  Got 3 coats put on in a 24 hour period and I'm told this stuff should last years.  I'm keeping some extra on hand for touchups (even though the stupid instructions say to throw it out.  This stuff is $90 a kit.  No way I"m throwing it out).  Here's some pics of the primed surfaces right before applying the Herculiner:

And pictures of the finished look.  These were taken after the 2nd coat but don't look any different than the 3rd coat I just did an hour ago: