Saturday, July 5, 2014

Interior Clean Up

So since I haven't been able to locate the parts I need to re-do the brakes (actually, I can but I'm being picky and I've been avoiding contacting so far) I've started to work on the interior.  I wanted to clean it up and see if I can fix any rust that was showing up.  Trouble with this is that once you start working on it you start to find more and more areas that need attention.

My original goal with the interior was just to do a basic quick cleanup and then cover over it with some roll on truck bed liner.  I didn't want to strip all the paint because most of it is in really good shape and I don't think I need to go down to bare metal.  But, as usual with these things, as I started pulling up the carpet and taking things out I started to find more rust than I had thought was there.

So here's what the interior looked like when I bought it.

And how about a video too:

It looked clean, but that's because all the insanity was covered up.  Actually, the carpet was really dirty, but it seems like it photographs well.

I started to tear stuff out.  Here's a mid-progress video of that:

And finally after ripping most everything out:

I was surprised to find it in decent shape, but also surprised at how stupid some of the repairs were done under the carpet.  You can still see some of the square patches of sheet metal held in by rivets covering larger holes in the floor.  I have no idea what the previous owner that did this was thinking.  Lazy way to do a repair.  I had to drill the rivets out and then toss the square patches in the trash.  There's a fair amount of good sized holes in the floor.  I can only figure it's from various seats, seat belts, and mail trays being attached and removed over the years.  Once I got all the stuff out of the way, I took to the bad part of the floor by the driver side with a angle grinder fitted with some wire brush wheels.  Here's what I ended up with so far:

Doesn't show up too well in pictures (it was dark when I took them so only the flash on my cell phone lit up the Jeep), but I've sanded down all of the rust and took off most of the loose paint.  I don't really feel that I need to take EVERYTHING down to bare metal since I'm going to be covering over it with truck bed paint.  Most of the rusted areas appear to have been where the floor mat was under the feet of the driver.  It's mostly just pitted but there are some spots that were thin enough for the wire wheel to break through.  Lots of holes too from years of mounting things, and then removing them.

Not sure yet how I'm going to patch the holes.  I'd really like to avoid using too much body filler, but I guess for smaller stuff like this it's probably the best option.  For larger holes I'm probably going to cut out sections of the floor and then get some new sheet metal, cut it to size, and then attempt to weld it in.  I don't have a good welder at the moment (lower cost arc welder) but I'll try it first before I go get myself a better and easier to use wire-fed MIG welder.