Saturday, July 5, 2014

Identifying The DJ5

I've been trying to determine the year of this Jeep the past few days because a) it's really bugging me, and b) it makes it difficult to find parts if you don't know what year your vehcile is. There are pieces all over the Jeep that are different dates and years leading me to believe more and more that my DJ5 is a FrankenJeep.  Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Engine Bay - 1971
Dashboard - November 1969
Engine - October 21st, 1967
Transmission - December 29th, 1970

Engine Bay
$_57 (14).JPG
AM General Corporation
South Bend, Indiana

This appears to be a legit tag from the manufacturer.  It has a fair amount of overspray on it from a previous paint session.  I tried to scrape some off, but you’re really not going to get to see more than what’s already showing through in the pic above.  This is an odd tag because the serial number showing on the tag doesn’t match what is on the dashboard.  I’m not sure if the dashboard was replaced at one point, or if the tub/engine bay panels were replaced.

$_57 (15).JPG
(False, aftermarket added tag)
1971 JEEP DJ5

This tag can be disregarded.  I think someone in the 80s rebuilt this Jeep and went a little crazy with false exterior badges and tags like this.  (not to mention how crazy he/she was with rivets!)

Manufacturered by Kaiser Jeep Corporation
Truck, Light Delivery
Model - 1969 DJ-5A 8513
Warranty Expiration Date
Nov 21 1971

This is legit tag from the manufacturer that states the Model # including the year and a warranty that appears to be exactly two years after the manufactured date on the other tag below.

Mfd. By Kaiser Jeep Corporation
Nov. '69
This vehicle conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards in effect on the date of manufacture shown above.
Vehicle Number: 8513-51826

This tag identifies the Jeep as a Kaiser Jeep made in November 1969 and it lists a VIN # 8513-51826 which is different than the VIN listed in the engine bay.

So the engine was a little more difficult to identify a date on, but here’s what I found.  First an image of the date ID.
So this image basically shows the date tag and another interesting one.  The upside-down number at the left is the ID number of the block.  I’m not sure if it’s a unique number or if it’s supposed to match the VIN of the vehicle.  Doesn’t match either of the two VIN’s above, so I just ignored it for now.  Here’s what the other two sets of numbers mean.
J = October
21 = 21st
7 = 1967
CON 2 = Conveyor 2 (assembly line conveyor?)

So the research I did on the Internet shows that this stamping identifies where and when this transmission was created. I found this stamping on the side of the pan at the bottom of the transmission. It was covered in trans fluid so I didn't see it until I wiped it off. Here’s the decoded info:
C = Cleveland, OH
0 = 1970
T = December
29 = 29th day
N = Night Shift