Sunday, July 6, 2014


Ugh...this has been one of the biggest pains in the ass so far with my new Jeep.  Finding the proper brake parts to rebuild the drum brakes on this beast is not exactly easy.  Also doesn't help that I don't really know the year of mine since it looks like it may have been pieced together at some point from a few different DJ5's.

I've visited most major parts stores either online or in person including Napa, Autozone, Pep Boys, CarQuest, JC Whitney, and a bunch of others.  Most big auto parts stores like Autozone and Napa don't have much listed if you look up a DJ5 specifically.  Napa seemed to have a decent amount of stuff but none of it local.  Most parts would have to be shipped in.  Anyway, here's what I've found:

This stuff is super easy to find and you can probably go to any major auto parts store and either find it there or have it ordered to arrive next day.  This should be free to ship since they ship it from store to store or warehouse to store and then you just pick it up.
  • drums
  • fluid
  • brake shoes
This stuff is a little more difficult to find because most parts stores I go to don't have solid listings for DJ5's.  You can try and take your chances with looking up CJ5 since it seems like these stores have much more listed for that model, but you're taking your chances depending on the year since the two models strayed a bit after AM General took over.
  • master cylinder
  • wheel cylinders
  • hydraulic lines
  • some springs, clips, misc hardware
  • adjuster screw assembly
I found this stuff to be completely difficult to find at any parts store other than and possibly the Postal Jeep store (jo296ro) on Ebay.  Just... good luck trying to find any of these parts/kits.
  • correct springs
  • backing plate
  • parking brake rebuild kit
  • spring rebuild kit
  • self-adjuster rebuild kit
Honestly, it looks like the best bet for getting the exact brake parts you need if you're keeping drum brakes is to call up and order from them.  I'll be doing that this Monday for sure since I"m tired of searching endlessly all over the internet for the exact rebuild kits that I need.

Anyway, I took some pictures of my drums to document how they are now.  I'll paste them below so you can have a look in case you need to reference against yours.  Again, I have no idea exactly what year my brakes are, but I'm guessing 1968-1970 and they appear to be 10 x 2 inch brakes.

Right rear top - missing parking brake strut spring

Right rear bottom - missing self adjuster hardware and
leading hold-down retainer is failing

Left rear top - also missing parking brake strut spring

Left rear bottom - no self-adjuster hardware

Left rear leading - used those silly clips instead
of spring and retainer top

Left rear trailing - same dumb clip

Right front full view - does this seem tilted forward to you?

Right front top

Right front bottom - again, no self adjuster